P shot

Enjoy a bigger, harder penis on the same day as the procedure.

What is the Priapus Shot (P-Shot for short)?

The P-Shot is a natural male enhancement in-office procedure. It can be classified as natural male enhancement because we inject focused Growth Factor Treatment and growth factors from your own blood into specific sites of the penis. The procedure triggers a natural healing process, which in turn stimulates the surrounding tissue of the penis and ultimately leads to natural penis enlargement.

P shot

Benefit of the P Shot

  • Enhanced blood flow to the penis
  • Natural penis enlargement
  • Natural growth factors injected into the penis enhance vascularity and promote healthier erectile function
  • Natural male enhancement
  • No foreign material used in the injection
  • Natural, proven, healthy autologous (from you to you) procedure
  • Minimal discomfort virtually painless
  • No surgery, no risky anaesthesia
  • Where id the P shot administer

After numbing, the P-shot (Growth Factor Treatment and natural growth factors from your own blood) is injected painlessly with a tiny needle into specific sites along the body and head of the corpus cavernosum and the glans, the head of the penis.

How we prepare Growth Factor Treatment

We will extract blood from your arm on the day of the procedure. We will then spin your blood in a centrifuge to isolate the Growth Factor Treatment and naturally occurring growth factors in your blood. Only the extracted growth factors will be injected. That’s it.

How long P Shot procedure takes

The P-Shot procedure will take 20 minutes or less.

Is there down time after procedure

There is no downtime after the Priapus Shot. You can return to normal activity immediately.

How many procedure do I need

Most of our patients require 3-5 sessions 1 month apart to achieve the desired outcome.

Is P shot procedure painful

Prior to injection we apply a numbing cream for 15-20 minutes. After the numbing cream takes effect, the injection will feel like transient pressure during the injection. There is no pain afterwards.

When Can I resume my sexual activity?

Immediately, if you desire.